The Open Arms Bardic Hall

& Bardic A&S Classes


In Merchant’s Row bards, storytellers, musicians, dancers, singers and entertainers of the Knowne World will gather at the Open Arms Bardic Hall. Come and marvel as these talented performers dance, sing a haunting song of love, tell stories of Norse Gods or play a lively tune on a fiddle. Join in and clap your hands as you sing loudly to a familiar tune. Become a part of the bardic community as you learn about the craft in the Bardic A&S Classes. Bring a friend, spend an afternoon and enjoy listening to song and stories filled with mirth, courtly love and tales of lore.


"All that enter be Welcome!"


Friday ~ 1pm – 4pm* & 7pm-9pm

Scheduled & Impromptu performances *please check posted schedules for performances


1:30 – 2pm ~ Colette la trouvere

2pm ~ Songwriting in the SCA – part 1 – by Lady Colette la trouvere


7PM – 9PM - Open Bardic Jam/Informal Performances

All instruments, musicians & performers are welcome to join

What is now referred to as “Jamming” is a very period technique. Most music was learned from one performer to the next without written music. Musicians would gather to play music and someone would start with a piece of music that they had learned or created and everyone else would jump in and add the rest. Variations of melodies as well as the most popular tunes would become standardized and eventually written down. But, even today, jamming and creating a onetime unique piece of music, harmonies and variations is as fun and rewarding as it was in period.

(All levels are welcome ~ no prepared pieces required)


Saturday ~ 10am – 5pm*

Scheduled performances every half hour! *please check posted schedules for performances


10am – 11am ~ Beginning Recorder for the Village Idiot – by Lady Margaret Inghean Domnaill

11am ~ Songwriting in the SCA – part 2 – by Lady Colette la trouvere


12:30 – 1pm ~ Angharat Goch

1pm-3pm ~ Caid Choir rehearsal

3 – 3:30pm ~ Colette la trouvere



*Performances are posted daily in front of the Open Arms Bardic Hall and updated until all times are scheduled.


If you are a performer, troupe or household and would like to schedule performance time

while at Talon Crescent War, please contact THLady Belasset de Casal Drago at

the Open Arms Bardic Hall, located in Merchant’s row.


We encourage new performers as well as those with a small repertoire to come and grace the stage.


OABH - The best entertainers and the best audiences of all Kingdoms!

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