Caid’s Fellowship of Gleaners

Join Caid's Fellowship of Gleaners as we strive to support the Caid Royal Travel Fund by collecting and recycling CRV (California Redemption Value) beverage containers, and to make Talon Crescent War more environmentally friendly. Please use the clear plastic bags you received at check-in to sort your California Redemption Value beverage containers. Additional bags may be obtained at Gleaners Tent adjacent to Headquarters. Kindly sort your glass, aluminum and plastic CRV beverage containers into separate bags to ensure the Gleaners get top value when redeeming them. We greatly appreciate it if you completely drain the containers, and crush as flat as possible before placing in the plastic bags. Please do not attempt to crush glass containers, only aluminum and plastic, and please screw the lid back on to plastic containers. These steps will ensure transporting the most containers possible in the most hygienic way possible.

Please do not use these recycling bags for collecting garbage, and please refrain from putting garbage into the recycling bags. The recycling is sorted by SCA volunteers and garbage mixed in with recycling contaminates the recycling so we cannot use it. We have found it helpful if you hang your recycling bag near your camp's trash bag and make announcements about your encampments efforts to recycle.

How to donate to the Caid Travel Fund:

1.       Bring the filled bags to the Gleaners tent located as indicated on the maps at Gate and Headquarters

2.       Place the bags alongside (not in the same pile) your garbage bags at the garbage collection points. Make sure recyclable beverage containers are in the CLEAR bags so it isn’t mistaken for garbage!

3.       Leave drained and crushed containers OUTSIDE the erics of the fighting field

4.       Place in blue, mundane recycling bins located near the privies and near Arts & Sciences

If you would like to be recognized for your donations to the Travel Fund, please fill out a Gleaners Donation Card and have one of the Gleaners sign off on it. When the funds are turned over to the Royals, your household or group will be recognized as contributors. The more you contribute, the higher up the list your name will appear. Just saying. Volunteers are needed to help sort and bag up recycling. "Gleaners Stomps" are a fun activity for Youth and adults alike. Listen for the Herald's Cry for the Stomps which will be scheduled throughout War.

A special plea for Volunteers to help with the final sort and loading on Sunday will also be announced by the Heralds. We anticipate the need help transporting the CRV containers to California, so if you have room in your vehicle or trailer, please let staff at Headquarters or in the Gleaners tent know. Volunteer hours count toward the prize drawing, and tokens will be handed out at the Gleaners Tent for all who contribute time and effort.

NEW this War! The Gleaners are now collecting all unwanted site tokens. We will make sure that all reusable elements of the tokens will be donated to largess makers of Caid. Pewter tokens will either be donated to metal casting groups or for scrap price. Because there is a demand for certain tokens to replace lost or broken tokens, the Fellowship of the Gleaners will collect tokens in good shape to make available for a donation to the Travel Fund. Please drop off unwanted tokens, including cords or fasteners, in the collection box at the Gleaners Tent. If you have interest in bidding on a specific token, please drop off a description and or picture, name or date of event, your contact information, and the amount you are willing to donate for the token. In the event of multiple requests for the same token the token will go to the highest donation bid, because we want our King and Queen to travel to as many events as possible!

If you’d like to know how to make your War as environmentally friendly as possible, attend the Gleaner Class or stop by the Gleaners Tent a chat. Thank you for helping Caid become more environmentally responsible at War and for contributing to the Royal Travel Fund.

Yours in humble service to the Dream,

Lady Letizia da Venezia

Fellowship of Gleaners


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